"I am happy to recommend the MHK online training method. We have found it to be an effective way of making anti-money laundering training more accessible to our corporate financiers."

Michael Parkinson, Finance Director

Close Brothers Corporate Finance

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MustHaveKnowledge courses are published with the realisation that people are only receptive to on-line information if it is published in easily digestible sections. Our site publishes and 'pushes' only what is of relevance to the reader.

All knowledge and information is:

  • Published in single 'bites' of  5 -10 minues of study material per day
  • Supported by 'links' to take the reader to additional study pages
  • Constructed with interactive exercises to enhance understanding
  • Delivered by Outlook or Lotus Notes, if required

Courses can be read and studied in any order and re-visited as many times as required. Some courses also award CPD Hours if the (optional) end of course test is passed.

Up to 200 courses are available on regulatory, financial and managerial topics.

For a detailed breakdown of what is available, please click on one of the Course sub-links on the left of the screen. Alternatively you can Contact Us on this site or e-mail via the address below.  We will be happy to send you the appropriate information and register you for a trial.

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