"I am happy to recommend the MHK online training method. We have found it to be an effective way of making anti-money laundering training more accessible to our corporate financiers."

Michael Parkinson, Finance Director

Close Brothers Corporate Finance

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Streaming Seminars



Streaming Seminars delivers made-for-web business education direct to you exactly when you want it.  Specially prepared by experts in their field, the video seminars are designed to be of value to all who are, or who aspire to be, business managers.


Each seminar consists of a series of modules. Each module is of no more than ? hour duration. And each is optimised to match your attention span.  Above all, you?ll learn by watching and listening, not wading through mountains of reading material.


All tutors presenting seminars are world-class teachers.  All have published books in their field of expertise and all are expert at thinking and communicating new idea and concepts.


Seminars are available in:


  • Business Decision Making
  • De-merger, Spin-off & Break-up
  • Finance for Business Managers
  • Strategy for Business Managers
  • Making Successful Acquisitions
  • The 10 Acquisition Steps


Streaming Seminars is the trading name of the David Smith Partnership, consultants in Mergers & Acquisitions and lecturers at the Ashridge Business School.


To find out more about Streaming Seminars and how MustHaveKnowledge can deliver made-for-web business education contact:


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